Partec is certified for HEALTH and SAFETY in workplace.

On December 17th, Partec has been awarded the BS OHSAS 18001:2007, certificate number 9192.PRT1: an important step in certifying the compliance of the management system for health and safety policy adopted by the company, according to the international standard.

The management system of Partec certified by IMQ SpA with the brand CSQ, is related to the design and production of plastic and metal prototypes.


Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping for Paleontology

Partec and Agiotech together contributing to the history of our origins.

Partec prototipazione rapida paleontologia fossile Eudimorphodon Ranzii

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Rapid prototyping for paleontology

PARTEC has recently collaborated in the creation of a copy of Eudimorphodon Ranzii, a precius Triassic relic preserved at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Bergamo. Becaus of the fragility of the original fossil it wasn’t possible realize a mold of it; thanks to modern technologies as reverse engineering and rapid prototyping a copy of the fossil has taken flight to New York.

Partec prototipazione rapida fossile Eudimorphodon Ranzii


A new machine for Metal Part Casting department

A new press for the realization of wax patterns has been installed. Thanks to the semi automatic C20 type wax injection machine of Modtech, it’s possible to realize a large number of parts in a single day, reducing the supply time of Metal Part Casting starting from wax pattern.


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TRENTINO INDUSTRIALE – Prototipazione rapida, una scelta completa per il cliente

Ogni buona idea merita un prototipo perfetto!




Partec will be in Parma, from 21st to 23rd of May, at SPS IPC DRIVES 2013, one of the most important events in the world of industrial automation in the Italian panorama.
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RPD – Prima di copertina

PARTEC – Tecnologie e materiali innovativi per l’ingegnerizzazione e l’industrializzazione del prodotto.


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