Fused Deposition Modeling allows to realize prototypes of thermoplastic polymers, through a process of material deposition in molden state. The results are a valuable aesthetic and functional characteristics, thanks to the fine quality of the materials used and their individual characteristics. Thanks to its reliable FORTUS 400mc, Partec produces prototypes in four different materials: ABS, PC, PC-ABS and ULTEM. The first is an extremely versatile material, stable and with a good surface finish. The second has excellent mechanical properties and resistance; the third, strictly black color, combines the best properties of both, while the ULTEM is characterized by superior mechanical properties, high resistance to temperature and certification to the flame. Whatever solution required, its realization is possible in Partec.

Partec realizes internally a wide range of finishes that allow to obtain a prototype in line with the needs of the customer. In particular: coating, metallizing, welding.