Vacuum Casting

This process has always been the core business of Partec. It’s a technology that allows the production of small series of objects with mechanical, aesthetic and dimensional accuracy very close to the finished product standards. The difference lies in the production times: the replicas of silicone mold is reduced to just ten days. The obtained prototype can be used in functional and verification tests with the certainly of being able to evaluate the real conditions of product use.
The first phase consists in the realization of a stereolithography piece, called “Master”; around the master a silicone mold has built; into this silicone mold different types of resins are poured to give life to the replicas.
This type of technology is the ideal solution when it’s necessary to obtain several pieces or co-molded pieces, realized using two or more different types of resins in color or technical characteristics. Finally, this last system is also ideal for providing metal inserts molded parts. The aesthetic results are amazing.